Books by A.G. Howard

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The INTL & NYT Bestselling Splintered Series
Gothic YA Alice In Wonderland spinoff
Publisher: Amulet Books


Slasher Girls & Monster Boys
Young Adult Horror Anthology
Publisher: Dial

Publication date: August 18, 2015


Young Adult Phantom of the Opera Retelling
Publisher: Amulet Books
Publication date: January 10, 2017

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This Phantom of the Opera spin-off follows a high school senior who is sent to RoseBlood Academy -- a French boarding school for musical arts inside a renovated opera house rumored to have ties to the classic opera -- only to discover a very real danger lurks within that has awaited her for over a century. 


The Haunted Hearts Legacy series
New-Adult Gothic Romance
Publisher: Golden Orb Press
Book 1, publication August 15, 2016
Book 2, publication August 15, 2017

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 A four book New-Adult gothic saga following the generations of one family as - haunted by both literal and figurative ghosts - they search for self-acceptance, love, and happiness. 

Recommended for ages 16+